Burns Night Running Order

Burns Night at Truman Lodge is generally a mix between the formal and casual. Proper attire is Truman Suit, Highland kit, Argyll kit, Tuxedo, or dark suit. It's up to the WJW as to whether to deviate from this. Music played over the stereo during the evening should be traditional Scottish in nature.

The general running order for a Burns Night dinner at Truman Lodge is thus:

  1. WJW's Welcome
  2. The Selkirk Grace
  3. Piping in the haggis
  4. WJW "Pays the Piper" with a shot of scotch presented in the quaich
  5. Recital of "Ode to a Haggis"
  6. Toast to the haggis
  7. Reply to the haggis
  8. Poem Recital
  9. Entertainment from musicians or piper
  10. Brief speech on Burns' life
  11. Poem Recitals by Guests at 5 minute intervals
  12. Recital of "A Masonic Song" by a female guest selected by the WJW
  13. Toast to the Lassies
  14. Closing Toast
  15. Auld Lang Syne