Proper Attire

Attire for Members and Visiting Brethren

The general guidance for proper attire to Lodge is noted below. The RWM may modify the attire based on weather conditions of the year, or at his leisure.  Korean weather is typically very hot and humid in the summer, and very cold in the winter. 

1 June - 30 September = Business Casual Dresscode (Khakis, dark dress pants, dress pants, collared shirt, button up dress shirt, etc)

1 October - 31 May = Formal Attire (Dark Suit, Truman Suit, Highland kit, Argyll kit)

There is caveat for Miliary Brethren.  If you're active duty military, and unable to change clothes in time for Lodge, you may wear your Uniform of the Day, provided you remove the rank insignia whilst inside the Lodge room.

Attire for Office Bearers

Same as members and visiting Brethren when there is no Degree work to be done. If there is Degree work, the Truman Suit, Highland, or Argyll kit is required.

General Guide to Men's Suiting

New to wearing suits and formal attire? No worries, nobody was born in a suit! With the exception of Rule #21, the following guide is excellent to educate yourself on proper suiting.

Truman Suit

Many people had the same questions about the new Truman Suit, so I made a list of details. Below, I believe I've covered every question I ever had about the attire.

19 or 20 Buttons total
14 to 15 large buttons (jacket)
5 small buttons (vest)

Jacket Button Count Break Down
Sleeves - 3 large each side (total:6)
Argyll Jacket Pockets - 3 large each side (total:6)
Epaulettes (shoulders)- 1 large each side (total:2)
Jacket fastening button - 1 large, or 2 large (total: 1-2)

Vest Button Count Break Down
5 small buttons straight down the middle

Button website I used BuyAKilt.

More Details
* Pants- should be blackwatch tartan trousers, or trews.
* Vest - should be black
* Tie - should be blackwatch tartan, or tasteful Masonic tie
* If bow tie - can be black or blackwatch tartan
* Belt buckle optional, but looks sharp. There are a lot of Masonic belt buckles available.
* Pleats in trousers are OK
* Buttons - your choice, but should be square
* Belts - your choice, but should be black
* Shirt - white; your choice of formal cuff style
* Jacket - Argyll Jacket with flat epaulettes (shoulder fold over loops like military uniforms). Braided epaulettes on jacket are OK if you want. Cuffs can be round or pointed. Sleeve buttons can be sewn on rounded like the contour of the arm, straight up and down, or even staggered. Jacket pocket buttons straight across, but staggered is OK too. Argyll jackets usually only have 1 button to close it, but 2 is OK.
* Shoes - black broques, or black dress shoes
* Sporrans - only with kilts