Past Masters

Lodge Harry S. Truman, #1727 has had many Past Masters over its 30+ years. Here we honor the Brethren who stepped up and gave so much of their time to the betterment of Freemasonry both here and worldwide.

Truman Lodge Past Masters
1980          Bro M.L. Weinman                
1981          Bro R.F. Petrovic                   
1982          Bro P.H. Lazere
1983          Bro J.H. Christe
1984          Bro N.J. Randall
1985          Bro B.G. McRoberts
1986          Bro P.H. Lazere
1987          Bro Yu, P. K.
1988          Bro Choe, U. Y.
1989          Bro S.R. Caruso
1990          Bro W.N. Lacaruso
1991          Bro E.D. Seeger
1992          Bro E.D. Seeger
1993          Bro R.D. Ripley
1994          Bro J.R. Ellis
1995          Bro J.R. Ellis
1996          Bro J.R. Ellis
1997          Bro W.A. Doris
1998          Bro J. O’Bryant
1999          Bro G.R. Gosch
2000          Bro G.L. Welch
2001          Bro G.L. Welch
2002          Bro M.E. Halverson
2003          Bro R.H. Nelsen
2004          Bro R.A. Crofford
2005          Bro R.L. Atkinson
2006          Bro R.A. Avellino
2007          Bro R.L. Atkinson
2008          Bro T. Martinez Jr.
2009          Bro T.W. Walley
2010          Bro M.A. Stone
2011          Bro D.J. Hudson
2012          Bro J.S. Wallace
2013          Bro R. Salyers
2014          Bro C. Saint Germain
2015          Bro R. Salyers
2016          Bro R. Haynes
2017          Bro C. Saint Germain