Royal Arch Chapter

Interested In The Royal Arch?

A sincere desire to work, enquire and learn more is essential if you are to continue the long and fruitful journey which you began as an Entered Apprentice Mason.

In your progress through the three degrees of Craft Masonry you were continually encouraged to seek more light and knowledge in order to lead you along the path of greater Masonic and personal knowledge and understanding.

When you were initiated into the craft you learned the duties you owe to God, your neighbor and yourself. When you were passed to the second Degree you were advised to study the hidden mysteries of nature and science – to develop the intellectual faculties.

When you were ultimately raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master mason you were instructed how to meet death fearlessly and with confidence in the survival of human personality.

The lessons of morality, the scientific instruction and the explanation of the symbols contained in the first three degrees of the Craft all hold promise of a greater development.

From that it is clear that the Master Mason’s Degree is obviously not the summit of Freemasonry and you should consider the first three degrees as the foundation of your Masonic career, especially as the Craft instructs us to seek for that which was lost.

Why you should consider taking another step

The Royal Arch Degree is the natural progression in Freemasonry and as well as recovering that  which was lost, the teachings of the Royal Arch Degree will give you a whole new awareness and understanding of Freemasonry and will lead you along the path of greater Masonic knowledge and understanding.

What are the Requirements to join the Royal Arch?

•           You should be serious and enthusiastic about your freemasonry and wish to improve your Masonic knowledge.

•           You should be interested in furthering your Masonic career.

•           You must be a Master Mason.

•           You should be a Master Mason for a certain period of time.


The Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland

Supreme Grand Chapter is autonomous and governs the Order of the Royal Arch Freemasons of Scotland. Although operating independently of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, its Constitution and Laws are broadly similar in many respects, and the two grand Bodies are in amity.

The web site of Supreme Chapter is to be found at

Supreme Chapter also controls the associated degrees of the Lodge and Council and Cryptic Council.

Between the Royal Arch and the associated Degrees there are a total of ten ordinary degrees and seven chair degrees.

The Royal Arch in Korea

Rose of Sharon RAC No. 878 was consecrated in Pusan on November 27th, 1998 and took the national flower of Korea as its symbol. The chapter currently meets on the 1st Saturday of each month at the lodge building in Pyeongtaek.

The Next Step

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A Brief Historical Background


The Mark Degree provides the link between the Royal Arch and Craft Masonry.

Since 1860 the Mark Degree has been under the jurisdiction of both the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland and the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Craft Lodges holding their Charter or Warrant from the Grand Lodge of Scotland are permitted to recognize the Mark Degree as part of the Fellow craft Degree on condition that they only confer it on Master Masons. The Supreme Grand Chapter works this degree as the first in Royal Arch Masonry but recognizes Mark Masters of Craft Lodges which work under the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

A candidate who has not received his Mark Degree within a Craft Lodge has to be advanced in the Mark Lodge held within the Chapter. If already qualified the candidate has only to take an obligation.


Often referred to as the ceremony of Passing the Veils, the story tells of the Hebrew first Temple at Jerusalem setting out from Babylon to Jerusalem for the building of the second Temple.


The Royal Arch Degree seems to have been introduced to Scotland from both English and Irish sources, often military Lodges towards the middle of the 18th century.

The story tells of the events after Cyrus had liberated the Hebrew captives and given permission for them to return to Jerusalem. When preparing for the rebuilding of the Temple they make an important discovery during their labors.

The purpose of this Degree is to assist the Companions to prepare for that Temple not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

Digging Deeper

The highest and most sacred facet of Masonic Obligation is its SPIRITUAL aspect - that of treading the path of TRUTH, the path of Light or the path of Knowledge by:

1. Acquisition of Moral Truth (first degree).
2. Acquisition of Intellectual Truth (second degree).
3. Reflection on the "most interesting of all human studies" - the "knowledge of yourself." (third degree) and
4. Introspection ("digging" and "descending" into one's own self) and acquisition of Divine knowledge and coming face to face with the Godhead and becoming a Godman (H.R.A. Degree).

The Blue Lodge symbolizes this Life, from the Cradle to the Grave. From our entrance upon the Stage of Life's great Drama, 'till its close, when "Exeunt Omnes" is the order of the Greatest of Stage Managers, and the "Curtain of Life" is run down. The Chapter comes next in the Masonic System--capped with the Royal Arch--formerly, and we might say correctly, termed the HOLYROYAL ARCH, for such it surely is.

Mackey and other teachers tell us that the Royal Arch degree is the symbolic representation of the state after death. Life's vanities and follies have passed away; even the first Temple, erected with such care through Life, has succumbed, and decay and desolation only appear in its stead.

Masonry is a search for Light--More and MORE LIGHT as we ascend the rounds of the Ladder--and Masonic Light is TRUTH ETERNAL. In his "Search" the Seeker will discover profound secrets of which he was previously ignorant. They had never been explained in the Lodge and NEVER WILL BE. However, they are there for all who will not only "Ask," but earnestly "Seek" for them. It must be personal, self-sacrificing, painstaking and consecrated service; otherwise we shall fail in our search for these Treasures of Masonry that are never more than hinted at in the Lodge and never explained.

This is one of the things that each man "must do for himself" and if not undertaken in the proper spirit, he will find the Door securely barred against him--and he will "knock" in vain. Thus, if we do not attain the FULLNESS of Light, it will be our own fault-- we have not properly used all of the "Working Tools" that were given us in the Lodge and were there so carefully explained.

This is the course of action a True Freemason is bound to take by the force of his conscience.