Stoakham, short for Stoakley Ham, is a magical concoction of delicious gastronomical proportions.  It takes several weeks to make a single Stoakham, and a matter of minutes for it to be consumed. Brother Stoakley created the recipe, and has been treating event guests with this delicacy for years!  Here is a bit of hint:

Well, freshness is key.  To ensure the cleanest, safest, and freshest meat, timing is made so that the meat is still warm when working with it (even in the coldest months of winter).

Spices....a minimum of 15 wonderful autumn and warm winter spices that add that "special" pickling flavor.

Pickling wouldn't be pickling without the proper brine!

Boil and simmer for a good spat, then inject copious amounts of the brine and spices

Two weeks in the wet brine make the meat flavorful, tender, and proper.

Eighteen hours in a smoker with applewood chunks, sprayed with apple juice and other flavors produces the best complements to the work performed uptodate.


The glaze, the end result?  Well, you will have to come to see and taste it for yourself.