Cinco De Mayo

We'll be hosting a Cinco De Mayo event in our Keystone Lounge.  Please join us for food and revelry.

Saint Patrick's Day Event

The Saint Patrick's Day party was an outstanding success!  The Brethren who assisted, and the WJW, again proved that HST Lodge hosts some of the best events in town. 

DaVinci Studios took great photos of some of the Past Masters!


Proper Lodge Attire

At a minimum, proper attire during the summer months is a collared shirt and slacks (khakis, dress pants). During the winter months, proper attire is a dark suit for members and visiting Brethren. 

There is a caveat for Office Bearers.  During Degree meetings any time of the year (EA, FC, MM, MMM), Office Bearers wear a Truman Suit, Prince Charlie outfit, Argyll semi-dress, or full Highland Dress. During regular business meetings, Office Bearers should, at a minimum, wear a dark suit.

There is another caveat for Miliary Brethren.  If you're active duty military, and unable to change clothes in time for Lodge, you may wear your Uniform of the Day, provided you remove the rank insignia whilst inside the Lodge room.

For details on obtaining the proper Lodge uniform, please visit the Proper Attire page.


Burns Night is Upon Us!

Burns Night 2016 VideoThe evening of 30 January will be our annual Burns Night Dinner celebration!  See the flyer for details and costs.  Yes, in true Scottish fashion, there will be a piper! If you have a favorite Burns poem that you'd like to recite, please let the Worshipful Junior Warden know when you arrive.

The video of "Ode to the Haggis" from 2016 Burns Night is now available for download!



Our Lodge is growing and we will outgrow our building in a few years. Our intention is to purchase land and build our own Freemason's Hall, but that will take significant funding. We are working toward making this a reality for the future of Free Masonry in Korea.  We need your support! Please help us by making a donation with the PayPal donate button on the righthand navigation.
Take care, and God Bless!

Truman Lodge Magazine

Please take a moment to read the Truman Lodge Magazine! The Secretary will continue to publish these on a regular basis.  If you have an article or education piece you would like to contribute, please contact the Secretary at secretary@trumanlodge1727.com and arrange inclusion.

Truman Lodge History

Our Lodge has an interesting history, have a read!

How it began-HST 1727- a History

Lodge Memorabilia

We're selling a few items, check 'em out at the Truman Lodge Store! We're quickly outgrowing our current building, so these proceeds directly help us with our Lodge building fund! 


Looking for some knowledge? Check out the documents page for loads of public domain essays, books, and individual research documents!

Off-Week Harmony

If you’re a FC, EA, or Applicant, please come out to “off-Thursday” harmony.  We meet up for harmony and fun on nights that we don’t have a scheduled meeting.  These nights are also perfect to get clarification, coaching, and advancement material assistance. Feel free to bring in some food for the Brethren too!


Published on  April 29th, 2016