membership inquiries

Regular Masonic Lodges do not recruit, membership is requested by those interested. We've placed many answers to common questions on our FAQS page.  The following video is also a good resource for those interested in the age old question, "What is Freemasonry?".


Our Lodge is growing and we will outgrow our building in a few years. Our intention is to purchase land and build our own Freemason's Hall, but that will take significant funding. We are working toward making this a reality for the future of Freemasonry in Korea.  We need your support! Please help us by making a donation. You may also click the PayPal donate button on the righthand navigation.
Take care, and God Bless!

Truman Lodge History

Our Lodge has an interesting history, have a read!

Lodge Memorabilia

We're selling a few items, check 'em out at the Truman Lodge Store! We're quickly outgrowing our current building, so these proceeds directly help us with our Lodge building fund! 


Looking for some knowledge? Check out the documents page for loads of public domain essays, books, and individual research documents!

Off-Week Harmony

If you’re a FC, EA, or Applicant, please come out to “off-Thursday” harmony.  We meet up for harmony and fun on nights that we don’t have a scheduled meeting.  These nights are also perfect to get clarification, coaching, and advancement material assistance. Feel free to bring in some food for the Brethren too!